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Private Breath & Ice Session

A private session for Breathwork and / or Icebath. Can be for small group 1-2 people or larger group up to 20 people. Contact us to discuss requirements - we'd love to chat!

To be determined based on requirements.

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Breathwork Class

These classes are focused on learning and practicing different breathwork techniques, their application and benefits.

50 mins


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Breath & Ice Workshop

These workshops will include breathwork practice and an ice bath plunge with the focus being on:

• developing the mind/body/breath connection
• breathwork techniques to manage stress
• increasing mental resilience
• experiencing the many benefits of cold water immersion!

Delivered in a supportive small-group environment and facilitated by our very own certified Breathwork Instructor and Ice Bath Coach Victoria, these workshops are designed to equip you with tools that you can take straight into your daily life and benefit from.

If you want tools to help you reduce anxiety, boost energy, and better manage and recover from mental and physical stress then these workshops are definitely for you!


1 hr 30 mins


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